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About this product

The BloomVape is a cannabis oil cartridge made with only cannabis oil and terpenes. The oil is free of solvents, impurities, pigments, lipids, fillers, and waxes. This allows for the strain-specific terpene profiles to shine through and produce the desired effect (and flavor) of each strain. BloomVapes are available in both half and full grams.

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Horrible Customer Support. Do not purchase. I purchased a disposable pen on Xmas eve. Didn't work, so I went back to where it was purchased to exchange. That pen didn't work either. I had to go back a third time. This time I exchanged it for another brand because I'm sick of the quality of bloom. I was lucky to have discovered the defects immediately because I was able to return them. Unfortunately, I bought 2 Bloom Vape Batteries both of which stopped working with all Bloom cartridges. I had to buy a non-bloom brand battery just to use the bloom cartridges that wouldn’t work with the bloom battery. I have several bloom cartridges that don't work at all with bloom and non-bloom batteries. Some cartridges haven't even been opened yet, but I couldn't exchange any of these items because I didn't know they weren't working until the deadline to exchange had expired. I wasted so much money on bloom products all of which are defective. I contacted bloom multiple times, to no avail. NO ONE CARES TO REPLY.


First hit you can immediately taste the quality. Very flavorful, and provides great effects after a few hits. Only downside is the oil is very thin, so the cartridges go very quickly. I had a Heavy Hitters 1G Live Resin cart last me 10 days, these will last me 4. Much better flavor and quality than the HH though. Price point is great as well.

About this brand

Making every day a good one since 2014. Bloom is an industry-leading cannabis extract brand established in Los Angeles, California. Through its in-house extraction and formulation processes, Bloom produces unmatched flavors and consistent cannabis experiences.