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The Clear - 2:1 Cartridge - Orange Cream - 500mg

by The Clear™

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The Clear™ Concentrates Cartridges The Clear - 2:1 Cartridge - Orange Cream - 500mg

Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 miles.

About this product

The Clear Orange Cream opens with a bright, sweet citrus flavor. This sweet orange remains distinct while a rich creaminess covers your pallet with a deliciousness reminiscent of a creamcicle on a hot summer day. Anytime - Find a balance with our hybrid-like varieties. These flavors will leave you relaxed but focused – perfect for day or night use. Whether you're looking to unwind, connect, inspire, or create - our hybrid profiles will leave you uplifted and refreshed. The Clear™ offers a more functional effect with a more compassionate price point with our 2:1 THC/CBD cartridges. This product utilizes CBD isolate to tap into the entourage effect, and lower the potency for users who want a well-rounded and clear-headed experience. Using CCELL hardware, there has never been a better vape experience on the dispensary shelf than the Clear™ 2:1.

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About this brand

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The Clear™ was the first a 100% solvent-free cannabis distillate, and is unmatched in its potency, purity, and flavor. The Clear™ Concentrate is a translucent oil, testing around 90% THC. It is fully activated by our specially-developed process to make it consistently potent and clean. Available in the original terpene-free Lobster Butter™, or with introduced all-natural flavors and terpenes to make our signature flavors, The Clear™ sets the standard for consistent quality in medicinal and recreational cannabis. The Clear™ has something for every user, with options ranging from 90% THC to 65% THC with additional CBD.