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Feel Energized Tincture 100mg

by The Feel Collection

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The Feel Collection Edibles Tinctures & Sublingual Feel Energized Tincture 100mg
The Feel Collection Edibles Tinctures & Sublingual Feel Energized Tincture 100mg

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About this product

Feel Energized blends premium cannabis extract with uplifting essential oils. Pop it under your tongue or add it to your favorite food or beverage, and before you know it, you’ll be thinking more creatively than Picasso’s decorator. Contains grapeseed oil, coffee rich in anti-oxidants, tangerine peel and vanilla or as we like to call it, the triple threat of creativity-boosting goodness.

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This is my new favorite for daytime - tastes amazing, keeps me going, good for creativity and mood-lifting - thanks for a great product - very pricey here in Maryland (but worth it).

I love this tincture, definitely helps me get through the day. Im hoping it becomes more widely available in dispensaries in carroll and frederick county maryland. Thank you ladies for a great product!

About this brand

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Created by badass women for badass women. The Feel Collection™ blends cannabis extracts with natural ingredients to make every day a little more heck yeah. Our products fuse premium cannabis with natural essential oils which make you feel good on the inside and help you to feel more vibrant on the outside.