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Timeless TV6 Battery

The TV6 Battery is the perfect item for on-the-go and discreet vaping.

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The TV-6 cannabis oil battery is the perfect item for on-the-go and discreet vaping. Its slim design makes it easy to carry at all times, and simply screws into your cannabis oil cartridge for a quick reload. The TV-6 battery simply charges with a compatible USB charging port. No more pressing buttons, turning knobs, or any other annoying methods one must jump through to enjoy cannabis oil. Try it with one of our strain specific cartridges and a Timeless Flip Case.

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Timeless Vapes

In 2010, with the emerging e-cig market and the continuous concerns of carcinogens produced from traditional smoking, Timeless Vapes set out to create a medical grade cannabis oil vaporizer cartridge. With countless hours of R&D , we were able to create the first generation shatter e-vape cartridge. Our latest generation, the TV6 ccell cartridge features a solvent-free THC distillate. Our proprietary refining process allows us to produce ultra refined distilled cannabis oil. After our distillation process, we carefully formulate the raw distillate with all natural terpenes. Each of our flavor profiles are carefully crafted to fully address our customers needs. In addition, our hardware technology provides unrivaled quality and performance. Our ccell cartridge/battery combo provides a way to ensure every puff is consistent and you have the same experience from the first hit to the last. The end product is an all natural, ultra refined, 85+\- THC vape cartridge. -Taste The Terps