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Tree of Life Seeds Pets Pet Treats CBD Oil Pet Chews
Tree of Life Seeds Pets Pet Treats CBD Oil Pet Chews
Tree of Life Seeds Pets Pet Treats CBD Oil Pet Chews
Tree of Life Seeds Pets Pet Treats CBD Oil Pet Chews


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About this product

Our veterinarian-formulated CBD oil pet treats are the trustworthy option for your furry friend. Each chew is packed with 2mg of Tree of Life’s broad-spectrum CBD oil, known for its consistency and efficacy. Why Use Tree of Life CBD For Your Pet? Our CBD pet products are formulated with all-natural, non-GMO hemp that is responsibly farmed and processed in the U.S. Tree of Life CBD is 100% THC-free, broad-spectrum cannabidiol (CBD) oil. Formulated using our patented nano-emulsion technology for maximum bioavailability, our pet CBD is easier to absorb and reap the benefits of. Whether you are looking for CBD for dogs or CBD for cats, we have the perfect formula for you. These beef-flavored CBD pet treats are easy for your pet to digest and can be used as a treat or as an additive to any pets diet.

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About this brand

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At Tree of Life, we understand that the power of CBD can be harnessed in many ways. That’s why we create a wide range of high-quality CBD products to fit every lifestyle, from CBD oil and topicals to CBD pet treats. Our CBD products are 100% THC free, ensuring that people in every state, from professional athletes to bus drivers and teachers, have the option for a better life. CBD is on the rise, but not all products are created equal. At Tree of Life, we believe that trust is earned through transparency. That’s why we put our USA-made CBD products through rigorous in-house and third-party lab testing. If we don’t ingest it, put it on our skin, or feed it to our pets, then we won’t sell it to you. We don’t just sell CBD, we’re Arkansas farmers and certified master growers. We make our products using our own farms and labs, putting science at the forefront. Our nano-emulsification technique makes it easier for your body to process and feel the effects of our products. And we do it without any synthetic materials, heavy metals, or toxins.