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Ascend Tablets 100mg 40-count

by verano

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verano Edibles Capsules Ascend Tablets 100mg 40-count
verano Edibles Capsules Ascend Tablets 100mg 40-count

Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 miles.

About this product

The all new microdosing tablet, an easier and more effective way to dose. Formulated for quick relief, this tablet will provide you medicine you need at the time you need it. Each tablet has 2.5mg of THC or CBD, giving you the ability to find the perfect balance that is just right for you.

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Liked these a lot. I bought these with the Ascend (1:1 THC/CBD), not realizing they were microdoses until I got home. With microdosing, the effectiveness depends on the user's weight and BMI, so you have to figure out how many pills will work for you. I took 2 (5 mgs) and felt it in about 30 minutes. It was a buzzy, head high that reminded me of sativa but I was never impaired - so I could still get some work done and have lucid conversations. Highly recommended.

Good price, but you have to eat 5 or 6 of them to feel it

About this brand

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Only the purest, most exceptional products are allowed to bear our name. Depending on your needs and preferences, the Verano product line offers plenty of options. Choose from Swift Lifts (a pre-rolled, mini pack), Sunrock Shatter (a very popular concentrate), Purple Punch and Gelato (dessert strains), or a variety of vape distillate cartridges. There’s at least one to meet your medicinal and adult-use consumption needs.