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Xtreme Tea Brews

by Xtreme Gardening

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Xtreme Gardening Growing Nutrients  Xtreme Tea Brews

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About this product

Xtreme Tea Brews are the most user-friendly compost tea brew on the market today. Not only are they easy to use, they are the most cost effective method of brewing high quality compost tea. Xtreme Tea has a unique, two-part system that keeps the product stable until time of use. The Tea Brew pouch contains the compost material and the microbe food pack provides a food source designed to multiply microbes during the brewing process. Our special blend of organic matter has been shown to break down nutrients and make them available to your plants as well as increase microbial population in the rhizosphere. In every square inch of soil there are billions of active microbes that make up a complex community of organisms living in and around the roots of plants. The soil food web is a series of conversions of energy and nutrients between microbes. When organism decompose complex materials, or consume other organisms, the nutrients are converted and are made available to plants and to other soil organisms. High amounts liquid and synthetic fertilizers can be detrimental to living organisms when applied into your soil. Reintroducing living microbes found in compost can help rebuild your soils food web. ​ Xtreme Tea brews are an easy to use, quick, effective means of adding life back into your soil. It can be applied as an instant extract or as a brewed compost tea in an aerated brewer. Simply pour the brewed tea around the base of the plant once a week. The microbes around the root zone begin rapidly breaking down nutrients into a form your plant can use right away. With more nutrients and minerals available, your plants can grow stronger and faster! Xtreme Tea Brews are available in 80 gram, 5 gallon brew - 2 ct, 10 ct and 500 gram, 25 gallon brew -14 ct.

About this brand

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Xtreme Gardening was born with the goal to inspire a new generation of gardeners and growers. Always striving to maximize yields and quality through biological amendments. Xtreme Gardening combines new technology with results from millions of years of natural evolutionary design, allowing us to provide gardeners with the pure biology needed for superior plant growth. With Xtreme Gardening beneficial microbes, gardeners are no longer limited by fertilizers and are able to unlock their plants’ true potential while reaching new levels of production. Experience the increase in crop yields, in addition to improving moisture and nutrient management, for Xtreme results!

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