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Colorado Sunshine

Colorado Sunshine is a very happy, uplifting strain. We use it when hiking or cleaning the apartment, or just when we want to feel happy and energetic. There's very low dry mouth, and also not a whole lot of munchies. No paranoia, either, which is a big plus. It's very interactive and communal. Best when shared with someone else.

Lemonnade - Portland

We pulled over on a whim on our way to our usual dispensary, and were altogether surprised and delighted from the minute we stepped through the door. We were greeted in a smallish dispensary by a supremely friendly woman, who, after helping us, exchanged witty and friendly banter with the regular customer behind us. Right away we felt super comfortable, and dug the atmosphere. The main room has a nice display of both flower and bongs/pieces (which, by the way, are super reasonably priced) and was staffed by an awesome bud tender. It was our first time in, and we'd also just gotten a new apartment and were celebrating, so he gave us the best deal we as stoners have ever received. In fact, the deal was so good we thought we might be getting ripped off--it was too good to be true!-- but knew we were wrong when we smoked some of the best kush of our lives. The bud they sold us (blue dream) was amazing quality, and we've been riding high on it for days. Quality, potent, smooth, aromatic, and uplifting. We then looked online, and saw that they regularly carry all of our absolute favorite strains for the best price we've seen. We've been around the market all throughout Portland, and were legit blown away by this place.