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Vireo Health of New York White Plains

Don’t believe all the 5 star reviews here, they are undoubtedly fakes. I’ve dealt with these guys enough times (both at premises & delivery) to echo the 1 & 2 star reviews. If I could give them minus 5 I would. First the staff are rude, uninformed, full of condescending attitude, (like they’re doing you a big favor), terminally slow and actually dishonest. The so called ‘pharmacist’ (guys please… you’re selling weed), actually hung up on me when I called to ask if they could expedite my pickup time to only a 2 hour turn around Though it was to be 1 pre-packaged container she condescendingly told me I had to wait my turn and hung up on me. When I got there the miserable scowling door guard made me once again stand on the street as if I was waiting for methodone (love that analogy). They lie about their not being able to refill an order supposedly state orders, when every other medical marijuanna dispensary happily fills your orders, explains products and make you feel good about the whole experience. At first I thought maybe it’s me but I see so many others have exactly the same experience One thing for sure - come full recreational legalization in NY these guys will be nothing more than an irritating smoky short term memory lapse!