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Cannabis Nation Beaverton (Blooming Deals)

Been here for about year. I go in for the best deal possible when I have low money. I go elsewhere for bigger ounces little down the road from them. There customer service or budtender service is terrible. They don't listen except for one dude there. he's new and dope. but one of the associate specifically was rude and never made convo. And if they don't like you they treat you bad including your bud. (there's more but not worth it) and I never complained, also i gave a positive outlook all the time I came in. they just choose to hate just to be hating. Weed is a spiritual place not for greedy self centered and egotistical people or company. leave the cannabis to the chill and not the wicked. ☮️

Nectar - Barbur

super nice place, friendly staff, this will be first time as ommp

Lemonnade Milwaukie

Place looks cool but workers give attitude and act like you don't exist. I wouldn't recommend. The prices are high so high you won't get high. They got a vacuum for sucking your money dry for some medication. Definitely recommend a different place in the area.