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Highbrow - Manchester

I find it unethical and immoral to be a MEDICAL dispensary and not be physically accessible. This medical dispensary requires any patient to enter by traversing up four granite stairs, and a fifth into the building. I reached out to the dispensary on 12/10/22 with the following email and got zero response: Hello! I'm a patient at your Manchester location. I love the consistency  and availability of products. I have noticed, however, this medical cannabis dispensary is not accessible for any potential patient with physical disabilities. Earthly Delights is accessible to all patients, even AAA Pharmaceutical (although recreational).  I find it frustrating that any potential patient must seek out an alternative way to enter the dispensary or chose a different dispensary. This goes for anyone asking for a dispensary recommendation.  This location has plenty of space for a ramp, yet, chooses granite steps.  I am a concern community member hoping for an accessible community for all.  Since sending that email, the dispensary chose to purchase a brand new, bigger, (clearly more expensive) street sign. Update all computer/Point of sale transaction moduals, and yet, zero respect or care for any patient with mobility difficulties. The Americans with Disability Act just had its 30th anniversary and we STILLLLLLLLLL exclude disabled community members every day.


Love this local dispensary! Friendly, informative staff!