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Top Shelf Express Delivery (excise tax included)

Product is ok, not bottom shelf but not very tasteful either. If you want to spend $300 on some very unsatisfying product, then this is your place. They even ruined my favorite product by Seven Leaves, Envy. I always search for that anywhere I shop and they had it here. This was the first time I was unhappy with it because it was way more dry than I've seen it get, even after opening and closing a bag for a week. Plus the color was a little too dark, I noticed it right away but told myself if was nothing. I was so wrong. Save your money and stay away from this over priced stale flower. Oh yeah and they will not deliver on time, that is a guarantee! 30-45min turned into 2 hours and they still never left the store. Life waits for no one! I can't believe I gave you a second chance just to be disappointed again! Stay away!