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Avatar for Maddygn

As a user of vyvance (stimulant) and a light weight, my experience may differ- What I smoked- shared half a joint with three of my buds What I felt- talkative, out of breath, felt like I was floating/ an out of body experience almost. Probs shouldn’t of driven the two minutes I did, but I almost couldn’t even feel my heels and couldn’t tell if they were on gas pedal (they were) and my legs didn’t feel like I was touching the seat. I swayed from being super super talkative and forgetting I was talking to not talking at all and completely zoning out. (These experiences where present during the peak of my high) Best part of the high- in my honest opinion I loved being geeked outta my mind but I also loved the calm after high/ comedown, it was enjoyable and I was still highly functional. I bet in lower doses (altho my dose was low, I’m speaking tolerance wise) it would be a great strain to just genuinely function off of. Negatives- like all sativas for me, they make me twitch, mostly in the legs. I also felt out of breath in the beginning of my high, and I’d replace that feeling with talking. Overall- a great strain, one of the few sativas I can handle.

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