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Avatar for Bacon420

I'm usually a strong Indica user but today I decided to get silly and try Bordello! It's spongy and sticky with red and orange hairs. As we brought it home (sealed in a plastic bag within a closed paper bag) the smell of this stuff filled the car! It was like the smell of a fine cup of coffee or a fresh skunk on the side of the road! As soon as we got home, I stuck a half bud into my pipe and lit it up! Nothing. Wait, there's something. The aroma was very piney and kind of fruity! I held it for a good minute and released. I didn't feel funny right away so I hit it again! I did notice a slight headache in the first 3 minutes, but that led to tingling in my arms, legs, and abdominal area. That's the sign of pain relief for me! I have severe neuropathy from diabetes and I cuss like a sailor almost constantly due to the constant shocking, stabbing, and burning of my feet, legs, and hands. I can't concentrate on shit and I get nothing done. But as I write this, high as fuck, taking more hits, I am silent. Each hit of Bordello is making my body tingle and there's no stabbing, burning, or shocking. I can now spend the next 3-5 hours coding away happily, watching some informational murder porn (Law & Order, CSI, etc) or having a meal out with the wife and not have to worry about yelling "FUCK," a lot and being overheard by people who just don't understand. I guess the tingling has passed after five minutes beyond the third hit. My head feels slightly colder than the rest of me, or maybe I'm just more sensitive to the flow of air moving now. Thanks Bordello, Aaron