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Avatar for StukaFox

Remember playing D&D? Remember you had your first-level wizard with his Magic Missile spell and damned if he wasn't ready to use it? Then sure as shit, here comes a kobol rambling down the hall, intent on causing mayhem and injustice. There you are: all that stands between the creature and the town below. It's time for . . . MAGIC MISSILE! So you pick up that fat d20 and shake it so hard that it looks like you're giving a ghost a hand-job, then let 'er rip -- natural 20! You scored a CRITICAL HIT! Down goes the kobol and up goes your XP! This weed kinda works like that. You pull two tokes off this weed and your ass FLOATS from Mt. Doom back to the Shire. And on the way there, you stop at In-n-Out and order two Double-Doubles and a 7-Up because that 7-Up gets +3 against cotton-mouth. So there you are, back in the Shire, wondering what the fuck you're gonna do now that you've been to Mt. Doom and back and there's no titty bar within a six day ride, and now you're looking at the ponies all funny. Oh, that's right: you're gonna take a couple more CRITICAL HITS before you and that one Elf hotty jump aboard The Love Boat and fart off to the lands to the west. And I guarantee when you get there, your ass will STILL be high! It's that kinda weed, man. This is definitely for 20th Level characters and above. (BTW: after I wrote this review, I realized this weed is named 'Critical Plus' and not 'Critical Hit'. MY name it better so the review stays!)