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Avatar for Cdale99

Frankenstein a kickass indica for a relaxing, casual, nighttime smoke sesh. The first time I really smoked a lot of this strain (~4 blunts) was while I was camping with a friend of mine. We smoked this around noon, immediately gorged ourselves on beef jerky and donuts, then napped. The head-high I experienced while dozing was so intense I actually stepped outside to lay down on the ground in the rain. My head and eyes were so heavy I immediately went to sleep. We woke up around 8pm, smoked even more, and slept in till about 9 that morning. Needless to say, this strain is ridiculously effective for anyone suffering from insomnia. Potent and fast acting, this strain is ideal for a bed time stoner seeking deep, dreamless sleep. I would suggest anyone sensitive to anxiety from cannabis to steer clear altogether or simply smoke less than you usually would. I never get very anxious while high, but the intensity of this strain really kicked me in the pants. I give Frankenstein a full 5 star review for it's incredibly potent, relaxing effects and powerful body high. The perfect strain for a heavy smoker who needs to sleep just as heavily.

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