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Pro: Smooth to smoke but adds a little punch taste when you are done. Very smokey, earthy and licorice taste. First, the clarity. I lost my lighter for 2 hours ... did the same steps 20 times, couldn't find it. Smoked this stuff and within 15 seconds, did another look at how I was doing the steps and found the lighter, no lie - "Like of course it would be there". Let the feeding time begin - you'll be wanting to eat right away after smoking this. Another time I was smoking this, I ended up baking chocolate chip cookies, and that's very productive for me! You will like dancing and moving around. You'll be so awake, you'll be creative, you'll be lovin life. Listening to Dave Rawlings Machine. This is probably the best day-time medicine you could get. Con: No side effects at all - but it's not long-lasting. After 2-3 hours, it's like you didn't do much. When: When some idiot wants to talk about Republican ideas and their candidates Warn: When I smoke 1 or 2 - it's awesome. When I do like 4, it's a hard hard high - one that is too strong and I actually dislike it. But, love it when I do 1 or 2 hits. It does have some Indica in there so you are neither tired or awake - it's very in between - but not so much you want to sleep.

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