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i'm writing this review from the perspective of a patient who uses marijuana medically to ease symptoms of PTSD, TMJ, depression, and panic disorder. i will mostly be grading this strain according to how it interacts with the aforementioned illnesses. green crack was somewhat of a revolutionary "wonder cure" for me when i was going through an especially bad bout of depression. it was the kind of depressive episode where you don't want to get out of bed for days and turning off your phone for an entire month (or two) seems like a reasonable idea. this strain treated my depression in ways that were on par with some of the antidepressants that i've been prescribed in the past, without the nasty SSRI side effects. no lie, it's good stuff. not only did it give me the motivation to take care of myself and my surroundings (i went from feeling completely miserable to cleaning every inch of my room), but it also stimulated my poor appetite. if you undereat for any reason, this is the strain for you. however, as soon as my depression subsided, green crack (the name is terrible; i'm just going to call it "GC" for the rest of the review) became a little bit too much to handle. unfortunately, if i'm even remotely anxious before smoking, the negative qualities of the weed are amplified tenfold, and now i'm looking for a new "primary strain" to use. sigh! the biggest con for me personally is the paradoxical influence that GC has on my PTSD. on one hand, it makes me feel cheerful (and, i'll be honest, kinda goofy), less apathetic, and incredibly productive. it also seems to work well for my (also PTSD-related) nightmares compared to other strains that i've tried, but your mileage may vary. conversely, GC gives me some intense feelings of paranoia and anxiety that are sometimes overwhelming. a little goes a long, long way with this strain, and it should be treated with care if you have an anxiety disorder or suspect that you may have one. be good to yourself and take it slow if you want to reap some of the positive, depression-lessening benefits without the unnecessary anxiety. things unrelated to green crack's health benefits: it tastes really nice. the heated herbs in my PAX vaporizer have a strong earthy flavor that reminds me of hops/beer with a hint of mango. on the highest heat setting, i can sometimes taste citrus. do you like comics? if you don't, you will, and if you do, you'll spend a lot of time buying them/reading them/laughing over one comic panel for an hour with your friends. i can't explain this phenomena, but don't fight it. i love to draw, and i have to say that i've come up with some interesting concepts after smoking GC. this strain seems to be great for artists who want not only inspiration, but the drive to actually complete finished/semi-finished pictures. the caveat is that you still can't overdo it, or you'll probably be too jittery to get anything done. keep a pen and paper (or a drawing tablet) nearby! TL;DR: good for depression and some aspects of PTSD. may not be so great for anyone who struggles with severe anxiety. makes you productive, euphoric, and creative if you're mindful of how much you're smoking.