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TL;DR: fantastic for chilling out and talking about the universe or skinny dipping with friends. A+ for inflammation, B for pain. A for relaxation. B for happiness and stress relief. Long version: It’s been a long while since I’ve walked the universe with our lovely Mary Jane. I’ve gotten older, had kids, and have herniated discs, bad knees, and migraines. Harle’s high after one long pull was so warm and pleasant. Felt euphoric and happy, but still laid back and relaxed. Perfect for writing, painting, watching Netflix with friends, or evening swimming with pals. I was definitely too relaxed to do any more functional stuff though. Was able to pass out with some epic dreams pretty quick. I was able to get some good software coding done though too. Mellow and chill headspace and enough giggles to keep it fun. It wasn’t the sledgehammer I was looking for for my back pain, but it told my inflammation to GTFO. Best part, morning after, my back and knees are nowhere near as swollen. A+ on inflammation. I think I’d want another strain if you need something to destroy pain, although this did the job, she was just so chill about it all. Like harle was trying to be nice to my pain and body. I kept thinking we should call it “be at peace.”

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