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Avatar for Harra

Jenny Kush is absolutely fantastic! I use it mostly in the early and mid evenings to ease my mind when I start getting stressed, and it calms me down perfectly. It's relaxing without being sedating, and still allows one's mind to function in an effective manner as well as giving a boost to creativity. It's this writer's go-to for those long bouts of evening writing and research. It's really a panacea for my psychological issues, as I've used it to calm panic attacks, assist in sleep, keep depression-related thoughts at bay, and to cope through stressful tasks. Due to its high CBD content for its THC content (at my local dispensary, Bloom Phoenix, their Jenny Kush has a 21-24% THC and 1.2-1.6% CBD content), this strain also relieves both musculoskeletal and neropathic pain remarkably well. Although if you're only seeking pain relief without any psychological effect, I wouldn't use this strain, as the high THC content will give psychological effects to all but those with absurdly high THC tolerances. It doesn't hit quite as hard as, say, Blueberry Diesal, but it's a more gentle, gradual effect that starts out small, but within about 5-15 minutes (depending on how much you've had to eat), it will peak and last for a decent amount of time. (I generally feel psychological effects for about two hours and pain relief for three when I vaporize.) I don't notice any distinct behaviour changes when I vaporize, so this is something I can vaporize in the morning an hour before I need to leave the house, and still be completely cognizant enough to go about my day. That might not be the case for others, so exercise caution! A little bit of background: I consume medicinally to treat both chronic musculoskeletal pain and a myriad of psychological issues (depression NOS, generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, PTSD, autism). So please note that this review is told by a medicinal angle and not a recreational one-- basically I'm not the best source on how the high is.