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Avatar for monkeystar28

This is my very first review. Such a hidden gem! For me (with a complex list of ailments), this covered every bit of remedy needed! Lexapro-anxiety & depression is a complete 0 intensity with this strain. Adderall IR 4 x a day - severe adhd has been lowered to twice a day at a lower dose! Xanax - panic attacks - this strain has absolutely no paranoia problems at all! Depression, lack of motivation, chronic pain from a lupus flare- GONE!!!! It’s very stimulating that isn’t the same as adhd meds can be, but you just end up doing things as you go. Mood enhancer that will have you socializing and wanting to be around people and involved. Sort of a confidence boost with a splash of spontaneous relaxed joy. 3-4 hours later, it’s has a more gentle come down that isn’t filled with MUNCHIES. My favorite part NO MUNCHIES!!! Dry mouth ABSOLUTELY, but I genuinely think I’m able to feel a whole lot better with this strain than a bunch of medications that do not deliver the all in one positive result! (It also makes you seem “smarter”) That’s about all!!! It’s definitely worth seeking out and trying!

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