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- PART 1 - It's morphin' time! The helmet slips over your head, focusing your view. Then, the spandex suit engulfs your entire body. You're ready to deal with this monster. Your mind has sharpened, ready to analyze, predict, and discover a creative solution to the task at hand. The desire to do good drives you forward. The monster attacks! You dive to the left. Oh no! It has spikes that shoot out the side of it's arm. Ahhhhhh! They hit you. You grab your chest and slowly stand back up. You're now very upset. So you pull out your mega blaster and gun that motherfucker down! He gasps and moans a couple times. Looks at you. Looks down at himself. Looks at you. Falls over and dies. You turn around and pose. The grass behind you explodes. After all, you're a Power Ranger. You've got the power to do stuff like that. - PART 2 - As you start to walk away victoriously, the monster behind you grows! Aww shit, not this again. You smoke a bunch more and then enter the Megazord. Your body becomes the Megazord. You jump inside your own brain to operate the controls to the Megazord. And here you go! Left, right, left, right. You run toward the monster. He throws his spikes at you, and you forget to dodge again. So you take some damage, fall over, and crush like 30 buildings in the city. Good thing you're a Power Ranger and don't have to pay for that. You get up again. Just like last time. Same chest grab and everything. You call for your Megazord Sword. It appears out of thin air. You hold it in front of you and slice that motherfucker down! He gasps and moans. Looks at you. Down at himself. Looks at...(wait, this is just the same thing as before, but with Zords. The show was never like that... Right? *quick rewatch* oh...) He looks back at you. Falls over and dies. You turn around and pose. Half the city blows up behind you. A job well done. Thank you saving the inhabitants. Err. Well.. Some of them at least.