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The absolute purity of this Aussie Sativa is remarkable. Oms has qualities that reminds one of the 70's when Maui Wowie, Acapulco Gold, Panama Red and the best Columbian dominated the scene, and we did not get Aussie Sativa then. It would have been a favorite, but now we get the pure Sativa minus mold and over aging and curing. Having lived in Mexico, it reminds me of varieties that were never exports there, and it has heavenly qualities. There is no paranoia, raciness, or anything disturbing, rather energy, creativity while feeling calm. It has no exiting effects, rather a gentle end to the high, which lasts about an hour. This is Ganja that uplifts without confusion or dereliction, nd it does not make one want to overeat. It has appeared in Northern California from several growers. Apparently it is a variety that grows well in California with high yields per plant, and does not have an obnoxious smell. It grows well in NorCal, but even better with the heat in the Southland.

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