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Avatar for Alacrity

This strain is in my top 5- the cherry pez-like aroma and flavor are misleading as the effects can be overwhelming if caution is not shown. The first draws and exhale are filled with tart, sweet cherries and grapefruit citrus, and you can't help but take one more just for the taste- but if over indulged, a nap is in your immediate future. Titration is key, and going slow will make all the difference between functioning and snoring. A local grower did a test run of this a couple years ago ('16) and was astonished at the response- we went wild over it- selling out in record time over and over. When California set standards that choked out 90% of legitimate providers, our grower was one of 'em; His last run had a hermie that pollinated the entire run, and he allowed them to mature and harvested the grow, seeds and all, then offing it at a discount. The end result was flower that tested in the mid 20th percentile (24-27%) THCa, free feminized beans and mad scrambles to score this rarity- the seeds alone command insane prices. I'm growing 6 girls now- outdoors- and at 15 weeks, they're 70"+ tall, promising another foot when filled out. The terps flowing off these girls is staggering- Cherry Pez and Grapefruit permeate the air around them, and not at all what you'd expect a semi-mature cannabis grow to smell like. If you find this- do not hesitate to indulge!

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