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Avatar for Silvster27

So I got this garage that is seperated from the house where I usually go when I want to take puff and relax and mellow out from the crazy shitstorm I call my average day. So my garage is a complete freaking mess on this given day, nothing other than the strand I chose changed. Fast forward 2 1/2 hours and I had a completely clean garage.... and not only that but I actually put everything back in the right place and didn't forget anything. I even started sorting the screws by size... I WAS SORTING F'N SCREWS!! My focus was phenomenal, it wasn't so much like I had more motivation, it was more as if all the bullshit I waste my time on didn't matter and I was able to just be the best version of my self. that included food too. I get the munchies really easy-like but no distinguishable cravings. the other post about cleaning the floors on this strand was dead on for me. definitely worth a shot.

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