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Avatar for KristiW

Tip #1: Do not eat 2 thc cookies then smoke this strain. Tip #2: Less is more (for me with anxiety). I am giving this strain 5 stars even though it may not be the best for me. I have used several times in different settings to confirm my opinion. Now that I can buy at a dispensary, I have been trying a variety of strains. I have anxiety/panic but also pain from spinal fusions and a few other medical issues. I do not like feeling tired, groggy or getting couch lock so I tend to choose sativas or hybrids. This was the first strain that ramps up my anxiety to the point where I am shaky. Yet, I get very little accomplished. I think it is because it has my anxiety ramped up so much that I am lost in my own mind. That sounds great unless your mind is in an anxious state. I can see this strain being great for many people. The first night I tried qleaner, I knowingly made a mistake. I ate 50 mg thc cookies and decided to put qleaner in a bong while waiting for the cookies to kick in. I know...I know! So the second night, no cookies but I had tried other strains earlier in the day. I felt anxious but just kind of staring off into space lost in my anxiety. Today, I tried it mid-morning with nothing else in my system. Several hits and I was physically shaky and anxious. After just a couple hits, things were good. I had the extra hit or two and I crossed the line to the anxious side.

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