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Rugburn OG is a fascinating hybrid. The sativa effects give you a pleasant vibe, enough to surf on as the indica gives you that cushioned head space. I’d argue a large drawback for Rugburn OG is that if you’re already low on energy it’s going to be difficult fighting off the drowsiness. Of course, if you’re looking for that drowsiness you would consume this at night and sleep quite soundly. The aroma is extremely pungent, it has a sharp citrus smell that follows up with a slightly earthy note. The aftertaste can be off putting as Rugburn OG really adheres in your mouth which gives you what can be an overwhelming plant taste. Be prepared to stave off dry mouth (xerostomia) as I’ve found it to be the primary side-effect. In summary: A worthy hybrid that dual-wields the effects of euphoria and drowsiness. Give Rugburn OG a shot as it will be an excellent ‘benchmark’ for what a hybrid should feel like (in my opinion, of course).

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