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Avatar for CaliforniaMedical

This strain listed on here is not accurate. I have grown this strain from a local dispensary here in California. QUICK REVIEW: Sativa dominant hybrid, not Indica. Very powerful recreational psychedelic euphoric & happy high, skunky lemony/pine-sol chemical scent, frosted & covered in trichomes, not recommended for medical use. Not recommended for beginners. FULL REVIEW: Characteristics: Very fast growth, very fast flowering period of 50-55 days. COVERED in trichomes, very frosty lemon chemical-scented bud covered in leaves. The bud leaves themselves contain a very high content of THC of ~13-16%. While the buds contain around 18-22%. CBD not noted. A moderate/high yield strain that reacts very well to lst methods & topping indoors. The buds and leaves are very sticky, the fan leaves will have trichomes frosted around the bases! If you receive Shark Shock and it is not covered in tri's, it is not Shark Shock. High: The high is extremely stoney, with a strong psychedelic effect. The buzz sets in within 10 minutes and will peak within an hour. The effects will fade very slowly and evenly over the next 3-4 hours. Very sensual, may cause creative thinking, and very amazing vivid dreams. In my experience, this is a very strong bud with a chemical pine-sol/lemony scent. In small amounts it is skunky lemon, which smells great. This bud appears to be a primarily SATIVA hybrid (70/30). Not Indica (as posted.) This strain is not a great medical strain due to it's psychological effects, however it is a powerful recreational strain. Not recommended for beginners. However, it may be good for users with stress, lack of appetite, and pain. Do not use for depression. (NOTE: Some pictures of this strain displayed are not Shark Shock, please be aware of this and view this review to determine if you really have Shark Shock. My Rating: 9.5/10