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Avatar for Garedicus

I picked up a gram of this by Tropic Grow, on my quest to try out more sativas. The buds were a lovely shade of sage green, with a decent coating of milky resin. After being cracked open, they were filled with an impressive amount of orange hairs. Harvested 6/1/16, this was purchased and consumed on 12/16/16. The buds had a floral, berry scent that deepened and became musky when ground. The flavor was sweet in the mouth, piney as it went down the throat, and minty on the exhale. My wife and I hit this through a two-chamber wide-mouth bong with four 4-slit UFO percs and an ice pinch, and the smoke was dense and creamy. The high comes on fast and strong, with the euphoria kicking in almost on the first exhale. Muscles relax just enough to release the worst of the tension, before the energy boost and creative muse hit. Be careful, though - overindulgence can cause a pretty noticeable amount of dizziness and loss of coordination. I wouldn't recommend tasks that require too much fine manual dexterity without practice. Also of note, while I personally find sativas to be a hindrance to sexual activity, my wife was so aroused by the strain that she actually needed to find a towel to sit on, because she was so wet. I will definitely be adding this strain to my rotation.