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Avatar for GooglyDancingBear

Trainwreck welcomed me back to the world of marijuana! I had "party smoked" junior high school through college until the mid-90's when I graduated and got jobs that randomly drug tested....government jobs...I am watching you. LOL. Just local small town Planning and Community Development jobs. Up to the point I quit smoking for employment reasons, I smoked whatever came to me. Sometimes good, sometimes bleck. Never bothered with strain info. Now, fast forward to the mid-00's and my eventual defeat by my lifelong chronic depression. When I say defeat, I mean government disability due to "chronic non-medical responsive depression". Basically, I lost my wife at 36yrs old and couldn't function enough to hold a job and was failing to help my son through his grief. The loss of anything keeping me ok fell apart. I even allowed myself to do shock treatment to kick my depression. Didn't work. Only humilitation from the stigma. Suicide was always lurking in the shadows....THEN....my sister had some weed 2 xmas' ago and couldn't fly with it so I decided to get high after all this time. Trainwreck was it's name and it gave me a fighting chance to push the depression to at least arms length. I had no idea you could breed specific strains to help with specific ailments. It gave me that needed space to shake free from my depression and actually say "I'm ok." I cried and cried and cried. I had finally found the thing that could help me in my fights with depression. I am in a non-medical state and have to search real hard to get Trainwreck or a similar sativa dominant hybrid that helps the most. But I won't let that stop me. Thank you Trainwreck. You'll never know how much you helped me change my life.