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Afghan Cow Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Very great for daytime use, very little burn out, sweet taste, not harsh and not overpowering for those new smokers looking for something calming. Great strain, I recommend for those who are anxious or have trouble focusing on one task at a time.”

  • “Really good strain. Deep, calm and psychedelic”

  • “Get light happy head high. Comes on gradually but really a good feel all around one of my new favorites.”

  • “Lovely smell, great taste. Stone is happy with no negatives like anxiety or paranoia. Lovely smoke”

  • “This strain hit me in like 3 puffs. It is definitely a cerebral high. I'm extremely focused and on task. Feeling very creative. I will definitely give up coffee for this sativa.😎”

  • “I kept this strain In flower for a very extended amount of time, over 12 weeks.. She was almost all amber, this made for an amazing situation! The intensity was insane, Your head will feel like a band Is around It! Lots of creativity for art with this strain, lots of over-alertness to..haha. Overall, like a very weak acid experience, like very low dose. Flavor was vanillaeque with skunky earth. As usual I gre...”

  • “Natural sweet smell and taste. Never felt a more focus high”

  • “Very excellent day time strain. Instantly after a couple of tokes I could feel the uplift and euphoric qualities in this strain that I got from 👌🏽🔥”