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This strain's name pretty much sums up it affect. I decided to wait a few minutes before commenting and things only got worse. Forgot to breathe (don't you hate when that happens! :) Not a strain to go out in public. This is a strain to listen to Phillip Glass or Electronic Trance. The aroma is what we in the wine world would call 'forest floor'. Reminds me of moss, then a hint of spice . Very unique! This is surprisingly 'up' now that the wave of 'holy crap!' is over. Great for depression (What depression?), creativity and probably many other things. Could very well bring on paranoia. (what the hell was that outside just now..?) One unique characteristic is that there is nothing at all 'fruity' or sweet. It is savory, like Christmas stuffing.
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Form & Method

  • Flower
  • Vaporize


  • Creative
  • Giggly
  • Happy
  • Paranoid

Flavor Profile

  • Woody
  • Pine
  • Tea
  • Tobacco
  • Menthol
  • Spicy/Herbal

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