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The following speaks to soil growers only, hydro is not my thing. It is also important to remember that the ATF I am describing here is not Sagarmartha's imitation strain, but the real deal which has been grown since the seventies and maintained by many different heads and groups in and around Northern California for the past several decades: Very high yielding strain which produces chunky, airy nugs whos weight quickly bends the apical stem in half. Not the frostiest strain in the world under 12/12 lighting but can become very heavily trichomed under shorter days and longer nights. Outdoors plants can yield up to five pounds if grown correctly and to the proper size before budset occurs. The smell while growing is reminiscent of orange candy or grapefruits and becomes much more pungent upon curing. Pistils are ridiculousy long and thin compared to some other strains. Even to harvest you are sure to see new calyxes/pistils appearing everywhere due to the fact that the plant never seems to stop flowring. Resin maturation under twelve hours of lighting can be a problem because of the environ that the strain hails from and so a few days of darkness before harvesting can be beneficial to attain the desired levels of cannibinoids such as CBD, CBDA, CBN, etc. The stretch is fairly short and budset should occur within two weeks of switching your lights to 12/12. This strain likes acid; I keep my PH at 5.5 and they blow up something fierce everytime. ATF is a moderate feeder and can be prone to lockout if PH falls out of the desired range or too much fertilizer is applied in too short a period of time. Topping or training is recommended because of the lengthyness of the plants internodal spacing while stretching and they can become particularly tall. Using dowels is also recommended since the plants tend to fall under their own weight . Simply staking the apical stem and not granting the side branches support will result in buds lying on the floor and broken branches towards the tops. Temperature is also important as colder weather can make the strain succeptible to powder mildew and a variety of other illnesses, and temperatures that are too hot can cause the plant to begin producing male flowers. 75-85 degress is the perfect range with anything above or below this range being slightly risky. From start (beginning of 12/12) to finish the total flowering time should be around 9 1/2 weeks to 1 1/2 weeks depending on preference. ATF can flower almost idefinatly and given the right amount of time (generally 12-14 weeks) produces high levels of CBD and CBN. Smoking ATF is great. The citrus flavor comes through in the smoke with minty undertones and hints of chocolate. The high is intense and lasts for an average amount of time. The stone can be described ad heady with a slight body buzz. A bag of ATF should fool most people into thinking that it weighs more than it actually does because of how airy airy the buds can be. Overall, if you can find the real ATF which I just described and you are a grower, I would jump at the chance to grow this strain. If you are a smoker and find this strain in a dispensary or at the weed man's house, try it, you'll like it. However, I wouldn't look too forward to finding the real thing and you will most likely have to settle for Sagarmartha's Northern Lights cross which they labeled Matanuska Valley Thunderfuck because they thought the real strain was dead (Guess they either didn't look hard enough are aren't connected enough).
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