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  • “If you typically don't handle sativa strains well, this is an amazing exception to the general rule. This is one of the best strains for my PTSD which I have ever consumed, and I know other people that live with the condition who strongly agree. It also knocks out nausea (any kind, be it flu-related, pregnancy-related, period bullshit, name it) in a matter of hits. Plus, it's fruitylicious. Alaska Th...”

  • “Very excellent strain. Makes me very euphoric and horny. 10/10 would recommend.”

  • “Leaping caribou, Batman! If this bud doesn't embody the cold, rugged, wintery majesty that is the Alaskan wilderness, then I dont know what does. With notes of pine trees and freedom, this kush is optimum for white water rafting, eating a raw salmon, fighting a bear, or a combination of the three. Would ride a dog sled for miles in the dead of winter to get ahold of this weed. As in the words of the Eskimos this is s...”

  • “smoked 3 bowls of this went 8-0 on fifa”

  • “This stuff is called "Thunder F*ck" for a reason ... Hits quick and hits hard. Mixed it with the Harlequin (anything high in CBD would do) and it was the perfect mix for after a long day.”

  • “I am a frequent smoker and have a high tolerance. I prefer to smoke sativa. I smoked a .2g bowl of ATF in my Waterpipe and withing 15 minutes was feeling an extream head high. I am blown away by how little I smoked and how high it got me. I was going to smoke more, but by the time I got far to distracted by how nice everything was and started taking pictures. Even 40 minutes in I still feel very high.”

  • “Alaskan Thunder Fuck "ATF" , is some fire normally I like to smoke sativa's so i''m used to getting spindly bud but this sativa is rock hard big dense nug's covered in frost that sparkle under a light , my favorite thing about ATF is the smell and flavor, it smells super sweet and earthy with undertones of pine, the effects come on right after the exhale and you get that uplifting sativa buzz with lots of euphoria ...”

  • “I love Durban Poison, but couldn't find any. Decided to try this one out and was very happy with that choice! Durban gives a more clear headed thinking high, whereas this one gives a nice calming brain sensation and a mild indica-like body calm but still allows a nice clear thinking high. Good for a body comfort mixed with some clear creative thinking. To me I taste like a cinnamony nutmeg flavor that has hints of...”