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Alice in Wonderland Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Adhd kind of guy, helps to keep the brain a little more focused and really helps with the restless energy, so i can relax a little. but will take me out for nap time if i over indulge. great when i have something that requires more than my auto pilot way of living.”

  • “Sexy time. And it has a really interesting smell - my sensory vocabulary won't do it justice; I leave it to your nose. I purchased the Cannasol Farms variety at Green Theory in Bellevue - very nice inside. Priced somewhere in the 20s/g. Smoked it last weekend - smooth, but not a ton of flavor to go with the uncommon smell. Anyway that's kind of beside the point. It starts with a mild relaxation, then transition...”

  • “I love this strain. I'm a very high-strung ADHD type and this strain is paradoxical and interesting. I feel relaxed but motivated to do stuff still. I'm currently smoking AK-47 but in comparison it's much more of a downer than Alice in Wonderland. Recommend for people with pain (lupus here) and for people who don't want munchies or lethargy. Makes me creative and curious. I have agoraphobia and Alice in Wonderland ...”

  • “This strain is so uplifting, I wake up in the mourning and take a dab of this very floral tasting strain and the day just seems to be a little better. This strain is a go to for anyone doing mushrooms it puts you in the perfect mindset and the flavor pairs very well with the high. Overall amazing strain it's like living in wonderland while your on it.”

  • “Endless rainy days and nights getting to you? Us too, but not after a couple of inhalations of this Alice in Wonderland. It simply does all the things a strong sativa-dominant hybrid should do; only more so since it's in concentrate form. This strain—allegedly descending from Willy's Wonder—is a mood uplifting, depression nuking, stress reducing machine. Super smooth and tasty on the uptake, it had us in happy land f...”

  • “I am surprised Alice has not gotten more loving reviews, but every strain works differently on different people. That is why we are lucky there are so many. Alice in wonderland is a solid sativa with plenty of head high. For me what makes it unique is its ability to conquer time. I swear, every time I vaporize this I can be grooving to some music (Stravinsky's Firebird is a great choice) I feel hours have passed, bu...”

  • “This is by far my favorite day time strain. I am a Fibromyalgia patient with osteoarthritis, hypothyroidism & anxiety, This herb helps calm all those issues for me & more. It's smooth to hit & feels like it also helps with inflammation. This is a good one.”

  • “Best one for use during exercise that I have tried, and I have 25+ strains in my stash. No other stain makes me as happy. Gives nice heightened senses and awareness. Gets your heart pumping fast so not good for sitting on the couch.”