Bay 11 Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Great smoke. Buds smell very sweet, almost like sugar cookies. Beautiful fluffy nugs. Euphoric, yet clear high. Great smoke for any time of day.”

  • “There’s very little leaf on each bud and its thick coating of resin. The strain is a great daytime medicine with a slightly sweet distinct recognizable odor.The plant has a high pistil-to-leaf ratio, and can't forget that it is a cannabis cup winner”

  • “I got a nug free from a delivery when buying other meds, and this is what I went back and bought on 4/20. It's that good. It's my favorite sativa, hands down. Perfect aware, functioning high but I still feel that goofy energy that good sativas always have. The taste and smell are to die for. I am smelling it right now as I type this and it is AMAZING. Very skunky sweet (my favorite) and also citrusy. It tastes more l...”

  • “today's strain is a new from my dispensary called Bay 11. a genuine sativa that has quite a punch, i call this a slick punch. definitely worth the buck for your bang. in this slick piney flavor, moist, even a hint of fresh forest smell, you can feel a high that takes you somewhere. and while i may be describing my high, i can clarify. You get a calm high with no desperation from puff to puff, I vaporized on the Magic...”

  • “Very relaxing and uplifting. Felt relaxed at a family party and was actually able to talk to everyone without any feeling of paranoia. Really enjoyed myself. :) would like to try it for daily use to treat anxiety to see if it will have the same result.”

  • “This strain is a great uplifting and motivational high. It just makes you want to exercise and get things done. You will definitely not have to worry about being couch-locked, as this will just make you want to be doing something every minute. The taste is out of this world, due to its sweet flavor and how smooth it is when vaped. Just remember a little goes a long way with this 2011 Cannabis Cup winner for best sati...”

  • “Great strain. One of favorite sativas. Uplifting, makes a long day end on a happy note. Smokes smooth.”

  • “1 of my all time favorites. Gets me up and moving.”