Bay Dream Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Bay Dream is wicked...couple of puffs is all ya need...go for a walk or a jog after you partake & get focused...then hit the couch with your pad & charcoal & get messy. Or maybe catch some Game of Thrones or Californication action. Or go fishing. Or go for a swim. Point being its a great high to mate with just about any activity you're into. Tastes and smells truly excellent...kinda sweet yet zesty...maybe a lil grap...”

  • “I Smoked this while boating on the bay it gave a strong head high and intense euphoria. Would definitely buy again.”

  • “Wtf this is ridiculously potent stuff. I made the mistake of hitting Bay dream by loud vape wax from mari J's highway pot shop in Everett, before work. I was a paranoid wreck for the first 15 minutes but once I found my stride I did more work in one shift than I normally do in a week. I have a high tolerance so something that is potent in small doses is magic.”

  • “My favorite sativa strain, high energy, very uplifting, clear. I like to take a dab of this and get to work, I can get a lot done on this strain, Love love love”

  • “This has a decent mental high.”

  • “Went through a great grow cycle with this strain. While some of my other Sativa's had received a small amount of PM, the Bule Dream Plant was immune. I grew them with a 5x5x8 foot Gotilla Grow Tent. I use only 5 gallon buckets with a special CoCo mix I created. I uses PH balancing Sensi Grow advanced nutes as my base. I ran a 18/6 veg cycle and in one month was FORCED to flower due to size. They were averaging an i...”

  • “Good strain that will make you feel very relaxed and zoned out. High dosage of this will have your body feeling very intoxicated and stress free.”

  • “Liked this a lot. Always nice to find a new good sativa.”