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Bediol Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “amazing medical strain due to its high cbd levels. Perfect for all day use. Nice spicey lemon profile.”

  • “Absolutely amazing Sativa!! This was the very first strain that I had ever tried from Bedrocan (Canadian LP) and Bediol made quite the first impression. The high CBD % lured me in, and the gorgeous mango (myrcene) smell made me a devout user. When smoked or vaped, Bediol has a definite citrus taste; which is amazing considering the fact that it smells like a crate of mangos. Bediol is fantastic at helping to relieve...”

  • “Very effective against nausea! In my opinion a great daytime medicine that don't make me sleepy. I also know about patients experiencing relief of inner stress and psychical traumas. Due to high relatively high CBD it also calms skin irritations and psoriasis. Highly recommended! After trying all different types of legal nausea Medicine this one was a real life saver for me! Thanks to Bedrocan for this great Me...”

  • “amazing strain, very high cbd levels and perfect for all day usage.”

  • “Bediol is one of my favorite strains from Tweed. It is a nice uplifting high that isn't overbearing. The bud is deffenitly on that you can spot from a mile away with its citrus and earthy smell.”

  • “Bediol is a nice, relaxing daytime strain. A small dose gets me through my normal activities without any real head high, and a larger dose really calms me down when my anxiety is acting up. It has a very pungent, almost cheesy, mango odour that turned me off at first, yet it tastes purely of citrus when vaped. It's worth suffering through the stink to get that flavour. The buds are beautiful, large, dense, and very...”

  • “Beg to Differ on the Sativa thing, a little bird told me this was a very Indica Strain. Anywho! Very balanced and very Therapeutic indeed. Day time or night time use, pairs well with their stronger genetics. for Pain Sleep and Anxiety. Experiences users will find this strain like, how can i say this"bush weed" not Psychoactive, yet satisfying in a special way :) lol. Overall consistent and why wouldn't it be its prod...”

  • “A nice, light daytime strain - in germany, it comes in a granulated form which to me is fine. Gives you a light, stress-relieving and uplifing high while also relaxing the body without a couch-lock”