Big Sur Holy Bud Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “This is an energetic and euphoric high. It has an amazingly potent terpine profile smelling of citrus, pine, and earth. It was pretty trippy and make me appreciate light quality in a state of glittery awe. The strain supported some good creative thought trains. The buds are huge, and a little sloppy on the trim work, but beautiful none the less. I would say the high is a little like super lemon haze, but a bit t...”

  • “I've grown up with this weed and remember it first as an outside plant in the 70s that have huge kolas and tall girthy plants. It was a great smoke in both the neighboring Gabalin Santa Lucia mountains and across the Salinas valley. Well that was then and this is now . Meaning the strain that was once a heavy red headed bud is now a girthy kush hybrid that drops your song in the dirt and you don't mind it scraping. ...”

  • “FIIIIIIRRRRRREEE!!!!!!! Yowza. I ordered a half gram of some sugar concentrate trim run (Tested at 89% supposedly) of this stuff from a local delivery service who said it had been getting great reviews. And I see why! Has a pinkish, sticky, crystallized/sugary texture to it, and a very sweet, STRONG, piney/woody scent! And the flavor and effects are just absolutely out of this world. I dunno how this stuff is as f...”

  • “Without knowing very much about a new strain I purchased called simply 'Big Sur' to me, other than that it was more of a sativa, the first impression I got was its distinctive smell and flavor. I would describe it as sharp (I guess spicy) and sweet. My body felt very relaxed yet my mind bubbly!”

  • “Just bought a gram of Big Sur Holy Bud shatter, and I must say that this is one really great sativa strain. The head high is trippy while simultaneously helping me focus, and I find that it really boosts my creativity, It has just enough of a body high to put you into a very relaxed mood though. May have found my new daily strain in this bud.”

  • “These big leafy nugs were covered in glistening crystals and the effects were instant. It hits you between the eyes hard with a mind tingling buzz of euphoria and energy. Great as a day time smoke as long as you don't overdo it. The flavor is an earthy spice with a light minty sweetness on the exhale. Reminds me a bit of a diesel in effects and looks but with dark pink hairs”

  • “Happy high, really no negatives for me other than the smell is a bit mildewy. Doesn't look like its mold but still smells that way - ends on blueberry notes as advertised though.”

  • “The story goes that this strain was hybridized by a monk and cannabis enthusiast named Perry. It certainly feels like it! The flavor was citrusy and piney, reminiscent of a forest. The high was extremely cerebral and trippy. Relaxing enough to be great for pain relief, but I would definitely recommend it more for inspiration, creativity, and a slightly trippy experience.”