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Black Diesel

4.1| 50 Reviews

What is Black Diesel?

This infamous sativa strain is the proud winner of multiple Cannabis Cups, solidifying its regal position within the cannabis world. Bred using the genetics of NYC Diesel, Black Diesel’s dense purple flowers have not only an impressive appearance, but also an intense, favorable pungence with sour and fruity undertones. Bred by Advanced Seeds, this plant struggles with mold resistance but compensates with a high yield and THC content. Although Black Diesel produces some traditionally indica effects, patients often find this strain to be well-balanced, beginning with an intense sativa onset followed by a heavy-lidded indica lull.

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Black Diesel Effects and Attributes

Lack of Appetite
Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

Black Diesel Genetics and Grow Info

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7 - 9 wks
10 - 12 wks
> 12 wks

Black Diesel Flavors

  • 1. Skunk
  • 2. Flowery
  • 3. Diesel

Review Highlights

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Most Helpful

“This is a Black Domina and Sour Diesel cross. The smell is sweet and fruity. The smoke is rich and flavorful, sweet with a strong spicy finish. The buzz is dynamic. It begins with a nice head effect, focused and creative. After 20 to 30 minutes the body buzz emerges. It is a nicely balanced hybrid high. Not heavy, no burn-out. An all-day medication. It is quite similar in flavor and buzz to Purple Diesel.”

Most Recent

“This is a great sativa strain it had a strong diesel taste behind it. I’m not much of an active person so I try to become active. When my cousin brought her pit bull over Bella I had already smoked a few bowls then got an urge to go take Bella to a local dog park. I was out at the park with Bella over 5 hours now tell me this strain doesn’t get you motivated or loss track of time. I’d rate it a great 8.5/10”


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