Blaze Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Blaze has given us so much. Fast pain relief, bright head high and mellow body stone. Its great for stimulating your creativity, not a couch lock. After sampling so many different strains, this is our top favourite.”

  • “I'm an indica guy, but I work in a creative field and I wanted to try a sativa that could enhance my productivity and creativity without creating anxiety (often associated with sativas, and a condition I have severe challenges with). Blaze was recommended to me by Bridge City Collective in SE Portland (amazing place), and I was so impressed that after I bought a test gram I went back and bought a half ounce. Highly h...”

  • “Very smooth ride. High, even buzz.”

  • “this is an old strain, first time I saw it was in Marc emery's seed catalogue under bcsc in a 2003 issue of cannabis culture magazine, this strain used to be all over the country until Marc got raided by the dea.”

  • “Strong fast high that's really energetic, bit of a headache though.”

  • “Really smooth and tasty, loved it for what it used it for.”

  • “Nice blueberry smell and flavour, with the distinctive light colour and pungent smoke of haze. This strain is great for conversation, playing guitar or even falling asleep. I would categorize it as a sativa dominant hybrid and rate it 3.5/5”