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Blucifer Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Blucifer is a potent, eyelid-heavy sativa that produces euphoria-inducing highs much like its parent, Blue Dream. Unlike Blue Dream, which tends to make me feel uncomfortably tingly and a little bit restless, Blucifer preserves the euphoric goodness of Blue Dream without the anxiety. This strain is great for anxiety, depression, focus and creativity.”

  • “Stoney come on first in the head that makes music sound incredibly rich and smooth. Visuals are impacted to a similar degree, but also reveals how your eyes - and concentration - refuse to settle on one thing. Very absent minded in that sense, which actually helps occupy the mind when bored. Reasonably functional, but not conducive to work/productivity because of how forgetful it is. A big caveat, however, is it exce...”

  • “Very nice to look at, very nice to smell..very nice to taste..all my senses were satisfied.. I smoke my blue and feel like I can walk thru the park and create and masterpiece of art :)”

  • “I Love This Strain!!! First Pull and You Know it's just what the Dr. Ordered!!!”

  • “So so soooo frosty, very dense and dark purple. The Blue (a blueberry pheno of Blue Dream) crossed with conspiracy kush makes this sweet and creamy, head in the clouds sativa euphoria. Found at WHTC in Los Angeles.”

  • “Works wonders on my neck and back pain... does give you energy so no playing on your computer or phone, instead DO WORK!”

  • “Dank, covered in long hairs and trichromes.”

  • “Blucifer is my favorite strain. I tried it first in 2016 and had a hard time finding it at dispensaries near my area. It’s a very uplifting high, talkative, but body calm. Some say they get very anxious and it might just be too strong of a sativa.”