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Blue Satellite Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Starts quickly but levels to a nice overall body high without a lot of the head high. No extra energy, but does not keep me glued to the couch.”

  • “The Blue Satellite #1 is the result of a rare, Blueberry Sativa mother, pollinated by a choice second generation Skb male. This a flexible plant that trains well. The smell is astringent, like cleaning fluid. Very kind! The yield of the mother is below average, but with the Skb influence you can expect to find bigger, more vigourous specimens, as well as the skinny head stash of the mother. The quality is unsurpassed...”

  • Jzt

    “stress relieving and excellent for relaxing. music is unusually enjoyable. Euphoric and uplifting -very connected and warm feelings towards others. cons: dry mouth, lazy”

  • “this is a great strain. just picked up and even though it taste very strange it hits you very hard after the first few hits. Expect to get incredibly stoned after smoking this. Very dense nugs”

  • “I use this strain for my anxiety and to relief from stress. The cerebral effect is definately long lasting but doesn't hurt or make you couch potato. Daytime strain is the ideal way to smoke Blue Satellite. I smoke it after a long period of studying or to relax during the weekend. I really like the blueberry smell. Really potent too. I don't have the %of THC but I wouldn't be surprise to be between 17-19%”

  • “This strain is quite the getty-up. A couple hits of this and you'll be set for hours. Great for wake and bakes and not so much at night. Your creativeness and overall recognition for life will increase! An odd problem I believe that is linked to this bud is the very large 'coming down' feeling that it gave me. Rare and good Bud.”

  • “This strain is one of those love/hate ones - I love it sometimes but it has a few drawbacks for me. Of course everyone is different. The particular plant I have been medicating with is aquaponically grown. I like the high and for me this weed is a bit of a creeper, like it slowly seeps into my headspace. It makes me focused but can also make me carry a bit of tension. Sometimes I am nicely uplifted and refreshed an...”

  • “I am not normally a fan of sativa, but this strand is so bonkers that I just had to post how much I loved it! When I say "bonkers," I mean energetic, talkative, and pretty much off-my-rocker energy. I cleaned my whole house…AND DID THE DISHES!”