Blueberry Blast Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Just purchased from my local dis. in Nor-Cal "True blueberry smell I enjoy the aroma, taste and overall high, good smooth head high / body high also good as well. Can still work, be social, creative." " I can recall smoking probably the first strains of this 10+ year ago further north in CA, I recall it having been more potent back then which I find shocking in some ways." Either way good flower in my opinion, I pur...”

  • “this stuff...its like POW ZOOM and suddenly you realize there IS good in the world. personally just the taste is enough to make bluebery blast world class but then you feel the effect and suddenly your ship does not go. and i know only like a dozen people will get that but if you get the chance to try this strain do it.”

  • “Strongest blueberry taste I ever had. Real sativa high. Feel your mind opening with thoughts. If your feeling down. Try this.”

  • “Wow! one of those strains when you first smell a true blueberry blast you will be overwhelmed with the unmistakable smell of sweet blueberries followed by an earthy pungent skunky finish. Great anytime strain. not overly sedating, but a great upbeat high. Excellent for daytime use. I grabbed this from Westcanna in downtown Vancouver and their selection and service is the best around.”

  • “Another creeper. Hard to talk after a while. Good for sleep.”

  • “Pure Sativa high, and I was blown away by how delicious smelling this herb is. Blueberry blast is definitely in my go-to Sativas.”

  • “I gotta begin by stating that this strain is more indica than sativa,IMHO. The aroma of sweet berries mixed with coffee and dankness= A good nights sleep,at least for me. Tbis packs a punch on the 1st pull. waves of warm relaxation and in my case a noticeable change in mindframe (racing thoughts and constant wheels churning subsided). also great for muscle aches and joints. This has given me great restful nights of ...”