Blueberry Dream Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Update: Clear Focused High ! This is REAL MEDICINE !!! DENSE Buds !!! (Leafs by Snoop Flowers are: 4 Dense, 2 Medium, and 2 spongey among my samples Which is awesome !!! I couldn't be happier with all 8 "cures" of the Flowers, Bravo Team L.B.S. This is a strain that Jane and John Public should be using and everyone will feel good and improve mood ! No anxiety, no racing thoughts, no drugged feeling (it's lis...”

  • “Can be a little harsh, but a great high. Very sweet and makes me very giggly. Watched a lot of comedy, especially The Office, and just overall enjoyed the feeling.”

  • “Blue Dream by Doc Croc; A bit of a harsh smoke, but with excellent effects. I was very giggly and happy, played Cards Against Humanity, in stitches for hours =) I also felt more creative. Would definitely smoke again. 5/5 Stitches.”

  • “Great for new timers! Sweet taste and calming high. Great for doing whatever!”

  • “the blueberry smell and taste was definatlyy unique and very present. the high was complete sedation! just one bowl and I'm ready to take a nap. smoke a joint or two and your completely stupified! as towely would say " I have no idea what's going on" lol”

  • “Has a great fruity smell, has a great fruity taste. A real clean relax high. Good for focusing and playing some video games. I got it at lakeside collective and it came out to be 26% THC. Overall great bud.”

  • “this weed looks absolutely beautiful and smells amazing. 5/5”

  • “Very great strain”