Brazil Amazonia Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “this is by far the most amazing bud I have used 2 hits in and ALL of the days stress fall to the way side for me it was a light heady/body buzz but not anything for someone who wants that full on stoney feeling, but this strain has a full dose of F*&k it!!!!!! if you need something to melt away the stress I HIGHLY recommend his strain. I personally will always have this on hand good anytime smoke”

  • “A very diverse/different texture, taste of sweet berries and pine. Great hit!! OH BOY!!”

  • “I do not understand why they are classified as sativa. It is a tremendous Indica. It is definitely my favorite plant for the afternoon. Its sedative power and clear mind is incredible. This will be my grass base. But please, it's not sativa. 75% Indica / 25% Sativa.”

  • “I grew this strain about a year ago and reviewed it as I do all strains we grow. It was difficult to start from seed and didn't thrive very well- got maybe 3 decent plants out of 5 seeds.Not very big or impressive and nothing to rave over either. We probably cloned it a few times and we didn't continue to grow it so it wasn't memorable. We like growing different Landrace strains and LOVE WOS seed bank. A parent of Wh...”

  • “I grew this strain a while back and it was pretty great! It isn't 90% sativa though the buds are huge and very dense like an indica. That being said the high is still awesome! More of a head high but still good for a body buzz and good for my chronic pain. My favorite thing about this strain is the taste, very woody, mossy with slight citrus on the end very unique. I would recommend this bud to anyone sativa and indi...”

  • “Very cerebral and you can stay focused. NB: vaped at 170 C to avoid CBN.”

  • “Brazil Landrace. Wonderful sativa. Very energetic. This and Columbian Gold are the current sativa go-to.”