Brazil Amazonia Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “A very diverse/different texture, taste of sweet berries and pine. Great hit!! OH BOY!!”

  • “I grew this strain about a year ago and reviewed it as I do all strains we grow. It was difficult to start from seed and didn't thrive very well- got maybe 3 decent plants out of 5 seeds.Not very big or impressive and nothing to rave over either. We probably cloned it a few times and we didn't continue to grow it so it wasn't memorable. We like growing different Landrace strains and LOVE WOS seed bank. A parent of Wh...”

  • “this is by far the most amazing bud I have used 2 hits in and ALL of the days stress fall to the way side for me it was a light heady/body buzz but not anything for someone who wants that full on stoney feeling, but this strain has a full dose of F*&k it!!!!!! if you need something to melt away the stress I HIGHLY recommend his strain. I personally will always have this on hand good anytime smoke”