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Buffalo Bill Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “so good i threw some fuckers down a well and sent em down lotion”

  • “Very nice high, an all day smoker imo”

  • “really good stuff. stonier than i was hoping for though. good afternoon/evening stuff.”

  • “Picked up a gram. The grower was Doc & Yeti. Nice strain, very heady at first, eurphoric and for a sativa, surprisingly worked on aches and pains in the body. Functional but I wouldn't drive the entire day you are consuming. Reminds me a lot of WhiteWidow because you have a buzz on for HOURS after the initial 2 hour euphoria stage. I like strains that last for a couple hours and taper off pretty fast with no "I've ...”

  • “This one is my favorite so far. I am a happier better version of myself but it tingles in all the right places. Makes me so horny it's all I can think about. Amazing.”

  • “Nice and relaxed high, with some functional stoniness. Very giggly and happy with no paranoia or nervousness.”

  • “This strain surprised me. I purchased because I like the freely roaming mind. This amped up my imagination greatly, and in a good way. But I don't tend to have any bad reactions to MJ (thank goodness). My entire body tingled and I had some of the best sex *ever*. This will become a staple in our household for sure!”

  • “Picked up a Buffalo Bill cartridge by Craft Elixirs at Ponder and really enjoy it's smooth taste and punch. Classic sativa strain: happy, euphoric, chatty I noticed no increase in appetite or real "Stoney" feeling which helped me stay focused on continuing to get work done on my small business that evening. Great flavor profile: noticed more of the woodsy tastes first with a subtle tropical finish Very nice.”