Buffalo Bill Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “so good i threw some fuckers down a well and sent em down lotion”

  • “Picked up a gram. The grower was Doc & Yeti. Nice strain, very heady at first, eurphoric and for a sativa, surprisingly worked on aches and pains in the body. Functional but I wouldn't drive the entire day you are consuming. Reminds me a lot of WhiteWidow because you have a buzz on for HOURS after the initial 2 hour euphoria stage. I like strains that last for a couple hours and taper off pretty fast with no "I've ...”

  • “This one is my favorite so far. I am a happier better version of myself but it tingles in all the right places. Makes me so horny it's all I can think about. Amazing.”

  • “Picked up a Buffalo Bill cartridge by Craft Elixirs at Ponder and really enjoy it's smooth taste and punch. Classic sativa strain: happy, euphoric, chatty I noticed no increase in appetite or real "Stoney" feeling which helped me stay focused on continuing to get work done on my small business that evening. Great flavor profile: noticed more of the woodsy tastes first with a subtle tropical finish Very nice.”

  • “really good stuff. stonier than i was hoping for though. good afternoon/evening stuff.”

  • “Nice and relaxed high, with some functional stoniness. Very giggly and happy with no paranoia or nervousness.”

  • “This strain is great for socializing and always providing a stable euphoric high.”

  • “Yeesh. Over rated. The main problem I had with this strain was that it was annoyingly heady and after the main rush came on, felt like a cat had crawled on my head and refused to leave. Very annoying and very long lasting head high. Think hours and hours. Not my idea of fun but it may be for you.”