Cambodian Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Went to Cambodia to look for this local flower. They can be easily found all over the country. The Cambodian government is increasing its crackdown on this flower. However one can still find "Happy Pizza" parlours all over the place. Smell: Very earthy with a hint of sweetness to it. Effect: High. Very suitable for day use as it gets you very active.”

  • “In the beginning its smell is faint medical. After a few minutes this special sativa gives you a very smooth rush of energy and productivity that ends in a glimpse of enlightenment.”

  • “Definitely a medical smell. The shape of the buds looked very similar to the Cambo I tried earlier this year in Laos. This stuff is great, soaring "happy" buzz, but very sleep inducing if you are tired.”

  • “In my country vietnam this strain is most popular choice .if you came here you can buy it with price about 7$ = 150.000 vnđ”

  • “This is a not so potent strain, it takes a bit untill you actually feel the full effect, however once you are stoned it is very relaxed and mellow feeling. a cigarette affects the buzz better than most strains. overall I wanna say it's a tad better than mids.”

  • “An absolute must-have babe in the SEA's region. Gives you a distinct euphoric high and greatly enhancez appetite.”