Candy Jack Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “"I'm on it right now" and I Love it......feels good man. Very positive,uplifting and I'm not concerned with my pain.I can still feel the pain,but it's not important. I've had a pretty crazy day and being all stressed out and in pain,this Juicy Jack washed it away. I'm happy, I love my life and there's no where else I'd ratherbe,then being me,right here right now.AURYTE!”

  • “I'm smoking it right now and it's making me want to build a birdhouse”

  • “If you try some of the topshelf at a decent dispensary or just know how to grow or a grower that makes top quality, candy jack is a super head and eventually body high that will put you to sleep when you are ready. It is one of the most euphoric jacks with a high cannabinoid content filled with trichomes and a lemony smell from the terpenes. Candy Jack is one of my favorite jack crosses I'd guess it would be somewher...”

  • “Selected from a sweet tasting Jack Herer phenotype, this example is one of the most uplifting and stress relieving strains on the market today. A super satisfying aroma along with a taste that is really desirable make it a winner for any sativa fan out there. I purchased my Candy from Lifted Health and Wellness in San Francisco. Liked it so much I have make Candy Jack a regular on my shopping list. Ideal for daytime ...”

  • “"The best of the best. This sativa really stands up to the post-modern, uhhh, wave of new sticky sticky chronic greens. My skull has an Irish waterfall in it. Is that what they want? It's a hat full of heads." -Dan Harmon, Getting Doug With High "The weed was very, um, did what it was supposed to do. It was fun. It was a fun weed, Doug. I'm always worried I'll get paranoid, cause you said this would have paranoia po...”

  • “This is HANDS DOWN my favorite day time high. In my year long search thus far for my perfect daytime strain this has given me I would say 90% of what I have been looking for. I'm very FOCUSED, CREATIVE, and all around stoked after a good bowl which takes some time to smoke considering its density. Its only missing that ENERGETIC kick that you get from Green Crack with the accompanying slow down in time. Your no slou...”

  • “Fantastic Sativa. Wonderful for depression. Most Sativas tend to give me anxiety but this strain gave a sense of well being without the hazy effects on the mind many Sativa strains have. Definitely my go to sativa”

  • “I absolutely love this strain. I've been smoking some CO2 hash oil extract and it is so tasty I can just dab that all day. It's a great "work weed" and excellent for wake and bakes. It works wonders on my GI tract, always keeping everything moving which is a plus.”