Caramelo Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Migraine pain 6; nausea 9 when I medicated round 1330 or so. Takes bout 10 min to start working. Pain/nausea gone. No anxiety/paranoia (must for me). Body high allowed me to eat lunch & kick @## doin laundry. Head high was like a cool breeze across my face. Tastes exactly like the name! Spicy yet sweet like heavenly caramel! High tho crashing hard 2 hours later. May not be strong nuff for me. Probably will not get di...”

  • “I don't do sativas very often. My goal is mainly to relax and slow down for the day. Bought this because it was a good day for a half at a local shop. Nugs were very pretty with yellow and red hairs. Once cracked open it smells GREAT. Very well done strain.”

  • “takes a little time to hit, but smooth ride in. very relaxing. I sometimes get panicky with sativa but this is fine. has definitely turned around my depression from this morning. Makes you happy. Will order again”

  • “Ive gotta say im really impressed. This is that one strain where you only need a bowl or 2 and your done. lol”

  • “Amazing piney smell and taste. Great head change and mood enhancement.”

  • “This is a stay home kind of strain. Amazing flavor profile. Citrus, honey, pine, and very floral-y. A little dizzying, but the flavor is very unique and pleasant. Didn't smell like chocolate or caramel, but the flavor did not disappoint.”

  • “Great day time strain to get things done! Love the energy and the overall euphoria! I would recommend this to anyone really for any type of activity! 🤘🏽”

  • “5/5 The one I've smoked was called Purple Caramelo (in Amsterdam). This is one of my favourite strains for lovemaking. Minutes after smoking it brings on super intense loving desire for my partner and kissing straight out of a movie! Hot hot hot. Good for hours of horny fun. Takes away any shame & inhibition and combines loving connection, scintillating conversation and a delicious body rush of warmth. A fav that I k...”